“Marina Operations & Heavy Weather Planning” 

What this book is about

In the past 30 years, I have worked in the marina industry and accumulated over 165 working files on the marina business.  I don’t consider myself an author but a researcher, and I use my files and experiences to write books on the marine industry and nautical tourism. 

Marina Business Operations

Marinas is a service business providing access to boating waters for boaters who are members of the general public. Our job is to make boating for our customers as fun, trouble-free, safe, and family-oriented as possible.

The purpose of an Operation Manual, in general, is to serve as training material. In addition, the procedures’ essential purpose is to ensure operational consistency.

Clearly stating the intention of your Operations Manual and Heavy Weather Planning enables you to gain employee cooperation or compliance. It instills in your employees a sense of direction and urgency. 

Your operations manual should contain your company’s best practices that define your systematic approach to implementing business policy expectations, plans, and work routines — also known as operating procedures. 

By permits and regulations, generally, Marinas are a public service, and berths should be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Heavy Weather Planning  — Be Prepared

During my career, I have taken three marinas through hurricanes and one through a blizzard. 

Most people believe that hurricane wind is the leading cause of damage in a marina- It’s not; a storm surge will wipe out a marina. 

Snow is also a destroyer. Boats capsize or sink at the dock each winter due to snow loads. I cover this section to advise you of the danger of snow loads.  A vessel can fall under the weight of snow.